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Sabrina Meyfeld

Coreteam Member, Germany & Italy

„I am passionate about empowering people to find out what their talents and visions are – and how to bring them into life. I want to foster creativity, connection and positive change through building sustainable and authentic structures!“

(*1985) Facilitator & Entrepreneur & Process Passionate

Sabrina is a facilitator for innovation and transformation processes, Design Thinking Coach, entrepreneur and lecturer. She grew up immersed in two cultures and lives partly in Berlin and partly close to the ocean or on the countryside. She feels at home in many parts of the world, including Italy and Sicily – and is therefore very motivated to realize events around entrepreneurship here.

She studied Communication Studies, Psychologie, German Philology and Cultural and Social Entrepreneurship (M.A.) in Münster and Buenos Aires. While studying, she explored her passions and the world via diverse stays abroad (in the US, India, Argentina, Spain), as trainer for intercultural sensitivity and global learning as well as by volunteering in differenct projects. She loves to create and host spaces for authentic communication, bold questions, reflection and inspiration and completed different trainings, like in Design Thinking, Art of Hosting, Designing for Sustainability, Radical Collaboration and Element Yoga.

Sabrina Meyfeld co-founded a think-and-do tank with focus on degrowth & deceleration in 2010, to research the political and personal dimension of our accelerated and fast pace daily (work) life. In 2012, she co-founded „ZwischenRaum“ (the inbetween space) – to support individuals, teams and organizations to find their own authentic ways of being and doing things, as well as taking decisions, realizing visions and taking action. Sabrina loves to create spaces and retreats for personal development, and potential growth, as well as changing rigid thought structures and (organizational) cultures. Additionally, this year she is especially interested in female leadership, changing the food industry and equine facilitated learning.
She is inspired by Social Entrepreneurship and purpose-driven businesses, and is part of a wider network of like-minded people. In 2016, she bought a beautiful park with 16 others and co-founded „We build future“ a centre for innovation and sustainability. Her focus was and is on building the organizational structures for collective leadership as well as sustainable entrepreneurship.