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Mia Baruffol

Switzerland, Coreteam Member

(*1998) Mia Baruffol, Human, Student

“It’s time to be active in positive change on this planet – it’s time to say YES!”

Mia Baruffol grew up and lives in Switzerland, where she completed the gymnasium. After having worked in the Kids Hospital of Zurich and as a tennis trainer for a short time, she decided to go to India for four months. There, she worked as an English and Maths teacher for children in the slum. This experience was inspiring for her future actions. She could see how valuable it was for young people to get good education. It was their ticket out of poverty and into emancipation and creativity – the base for entrepreneurship.

Back in Switzerland, she started to study Psychology at the university of Zürich and then changed to medical studies. Her vision is to help people in their personal healing process, both physically and psychologically. But for this to happen, people must be able to live a stable live by being economically independent while using their potential in a sustainable way. This is why she joined the YES family. She took part in the founding of the YES Global Association in 2017 and is engaged in administrative work. In her believe, there are many good and sustainable innovations around. It’s all about connecting good ideas to good people! To her, it’s time to be active in positive change on this planet – it’s time to say YES!