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Gallery: Past Events

The YES Initiative started with the first gathering in April 2016 at Schloss Tempelhof in Germany, followed directly by the second event in Germany at Mühltal-Velde in May/June 2016 and the third also in December 2016 in Bilbao. All this events where building up the road of the YES initiative.

In April 2017 the fourth event took place in a workshop format in the beautiful Istra Park in Slovenia. In November 2017 the YES Global Association was formed and implemented as a Swiss Association in Zurich, Switzerland.

In April/May 2018 the very first YES chapter took place in the beautiful Northern Greece City of Thessaloniki, enjoy our report.

In August 2018 at the beautiful „wir bauen Zukunft“ location in Nieklitz, Germany, we had our first of a series of events in Germany for building up the German chapter of YES. We had many project presented from our participants and enjoyed the diversity of the projects. Enjoy our report here

Many became already member of YES and that makes us happy, seeing our family grow…thank you all!

Nieklitz, Germany 2018
Thessaloniki, Greece 2018
Istra Park, Slovenia 2017
Mondragon University, Bilbao 2016
Mühltal-Velde, Germany 2016
Schloss Tempelhof, Germany 2016