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Why would you like to join us?

Because I would like to get in touch with people that share the same ambitions and motivations with me. Because I see a light of innovation and great ideas in my way and I couldn’t waste such an opportunity to cooperate with the people that can turn an futile theory to a fertile series of actions that will create the future world project.
– Antonios, who joined us in 2018

Why would you like to join us?

I joined YES on the motivation to build something that will last and grow, not just a one-off event where people will go apart again.
– Sabine, coreteam member 2016

Individual Membership

(1) The aim of Yes! membership network is to connect the young unemployed in different countries together! The young unemployed cannot be alone, at home and waiting for the ideas and solutions to come! The network of members is to allow them to join forces, share ideas, knowledge, experiences and scale up the the action worldwide.
*each participant of our gatherings & workshops has a right to become a member

(2) Even if you are employed and happy with your job you can still join our membership group! Why? We believe that only shared knowledge has value so please join us and share what you know with our participants! Share your story, your career path, your business, your strategy for being successful and teach our participants how to do it! We believe in collective learning! Become a member and motivate others!
**each individual not before related with YES! and without participation in our gatherings & workshops has  a right to become a member.

Institutional Membership

(3) In our membership network we also welcome all kinds of organizations, enterprises & institutions that are willing to connect with the unemployed participants to help them to develop their ideas for self-employment! Maybe as a company you already have a project that the young unemployed could create for you?! If yes contact with us, get to know our participants and challenge them with your project! It would be a WIN-WIN strategy!


  • access to all members group
  • invitations to all country Workshops & Gatherings
  • access to our network and experts
  • your member-profile on our web
  • open cooperation for developing Yes! Projects
  • an invitation to our Annual Gathering: your ideas and voice are important for us!
  • access to all special updates and events
  • a copy of our country reports

If you want to become an official member of our organization please fill in the form below. We are happy to welcome you on the board!

Application form for Institutions

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