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Thessaloniki 2018

Thessaloniki 2018

YES! For Solving Unemployment in Greece!

Thessaloniki YES Gathering & Workshop 30.04.2018- 04-05.2018

The Greek Chapter of YES is aimed at entrepreneurial mindset awakening and discovering ideas for self-employment from the Greek Youth. The days of the workshop will be fully devoted to the Youth and their ideas development.

Location: Ypsilon: Edessis 5, 54622 Thessaloniki, Greece,

Costs: approx. 150.– € for 5 days with lunch, coffee and water, without accommodation or travel costs

We cannot wait to be part of the process of self-empowerment in Thessaloniki! Soon more information about the event! Stay tuned!

If you have any questions we are here to help! Please do not hesitate to contact with us!


Introduction & Awakening Entrepreneurial Potential of participants

Co-creating and co-designing ideas within the scope of the participants

Co-developing ideas through Lean Start-Up Process

Final Presentations & Chance Giving Event & Celebration

Networking & Future Cooperation & Next Steps


Giorgio Papalambrou
Co-founder of YES & creative education lecturer & auditor & advisor & coach

Chaima Chaouachi
Co-founder of YES, mentor & entrepreneur & marketing specialist

Harshit Walia
Co-founder of YES, founder of Walias Creations, producer & photographer

Fabio Hüther
Co-founder of YES & founder and CEO of Umuntu GmbH

Monika Tkacz
Co-founder of YES, researcher & social entrepreneur & lecturer

Sesto Giovanni
Initiator and Co-founder of YES, pilgrim & development consultant & entrepreneur

Mia Baruffol
Coreteam Member,Human, medicine Student

Karmele Gomez
Coreteam Member,Human, negotiation advisor

Contact us

Coordinator in Greece: Athinà Vezakiadou
Phone Giorgio Papalambrou: +30 698 9656597

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