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Our Story…

Our YES journey would not begin without our precursor Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli. His life’s journey has led him to almost all the continents  allowing him to visit countries such as India, Kazakhstan, the USA, the UK, Russia Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Italy, Austria and more! Sesto has  managed various projects in West Africa and co-founded several companies, however the best was just about to happen! In 2014 he visited his brother in Spain on the Costa del Sol. He saw unfinished speculation projects, empty houses and resorts, which made him to think about so many unemployed people  in Spain and then in Europe.

After coming back from Spain he started initiating the first gathering of the YES that took place  in Germany in April 2016. The second already in July 2016 also in Germany, followed by Bilbao, Spain, in December 2016 and Slovenia in April 2017.

In November 2017, eight members from Switzerland, the Basque Country, Poland, Italy, Greece, Tunisia and India has joined forces and has decided to officially and legally establish the Yes Global Association that is based in Kilchberg / Zurich, Switzerland, in accordance with Art. 60ff. Civil Code.

OUR MISSION: we aim to contribute to overcome the youth unemployment through self-empowerment and cooperatively created enterprises

OUR VISION: we aim to encourage young unemployed people to self-empowerment through co-working and co-designing self-employment ideas &projects that further with our support can be transformed into start-ups and (cooperative) enterprises

OUR  BIG DREAM: to reshape the way  we solve unemployment, we do business and work together, creating an economy for the common good, serving individuals’ and society’s needs in a cooperative and sustainable way. We aim to build  network between countries developing their SMALL steps to  self-governed Chapters of Yes but all dreaming BIG!

We already had several gatherings in different countries, the reports can be found here: Report Greece , Report Germany

The next YES gatherings follow in 2019 in Italy and Germany and 2020 in India and Greece

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YES Global Association
Sesslerweg 9
8802 Kilchberg Zürich