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Karmele Gomez, Basque Country, Coreteam Member

“I joined YES INITIATIVE in its first gathering in Tempelhof, Germany, because I am really interested in the techniques and studies related to the people and their development. YES is oriented to selfempower young people, and I found this project inspiring as it looks for the improvement of the employment rates, the dignity of the workers and lose of the talent in each country, that nowadays is affecting specially Spain and south Europe.”

(*1995) Karmele Gomez, Resolutive, Misfit

During her Bachelor studies she has been working in Mondragon University, at the Rector´s Office. This helped her to have another point of view of this Co-operative university and organization. She has an open vision of what are and how co-operatives work.

She has also been studying a Cross-Cultural Negotiations Summer Course 2016 at ZSEM (Zagreb School of Economics and Management), in which she acquired skills for legal and ethical guidelines for negotiation effectiveness. She joined the YES Initiative in its first Gathering in Schloss Tempelhof in April of 2016, and she hosted the Gathering in Bilbao in December 2016, for the contribution of the awakening the voice of our generation, looking at 10 million unemployed young Europeans and millions more frustrated by traditional workplaces, to self-empower young people across Europe and now worldwide.

Nowadays she wants to keep working on the YES Initiative as a member and never stop improving the professional and personal skills.;