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Fabio Hüther, Switzerland, Coreteam Member

“I joined the YES association because I see unbelievable potential in every human being, and when we finally start working together, we can positively change the world. What one man doesn’t do, many create.”

“Every one of us can do something to make the world a better place.”

(*1995) Fabio Hüther, Founder/CEO Bee The Change Organisation and Umuntu GmbH

Fabio Hüther has been at the University of Applied Sciences for Management and Technology since 2015 and completes his bachelor’s degree in the summer of 2018. Then he starts again studying environmental engineering. In addition, the trainee is a mental trainer and will graduate in 2018.

The life of Fabio Hüther began several years after his cancer diagnosis. Disappointed by conventional medicine, he sought alternatives. Numerous books helped him to change his life. Since the summer of 2015, he began with a strict vegan diet. He also founded the „Bee The Change“ organization in the same year. His organization combines „poor and rich“. Basically, the organization supports young people to finance their studies.

Since September 2017 he is founder and CEO of Umuntu GmbH. She developed her own system for informing, structuring and energizing water. In addition, it is cleaned with hyperfiltration, so that pollutants are removed up to 99%. The philosophy is very sustainable and the product is unsurpassed. Short description: Healthy. Deliberately. Sustainable. From climate neutrality to ecological delivery service, waste campaigns, tree planting for customers and our own aid and support projects, the Umuntu GmbH ensures the certain overvalue.

„Not what we think and say makes us, but what we do.“ Umuntu GmbH;;