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Chaima Chaouachi, Tunesia, Coreteam Member

“I joined YES initiative because I believe that the youth are our key element for a sustainable youth-led eco-system if empowered”

(1991) Chaima Chaouachi, Entrepreneur

Business management and marketing oriented mindset, Chaima holds a bachelor degree in business administration. She started her career as a communication manager in a regional project advocating for social entrepreneurship and youth mobility in the Maghreb region, which inspired her to start her own business to help non-profits and young entrepreneurs to grow their reach and impact.

Active in the Tunisian civil society, she works on youth employment through mentorship programs such as micromentor and hult prize by giving them trainings and guidance on how to grow their startups and lean marketing and communication best practices. She is also working on women and youth empowerment in particular in decision-making positions within governmental institution.

Chaima is now developing a local based initiative providing youth in marginalized area the opportunity to develop their skills in order for them to apply for international exchange programs to enhance and to develop a high quality of life. Chaima is also one of the 19 selected students among 450 candidates for the first Tunisian Professional Master: Management of Non-Profit Organizations.;