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Thessaloniki 2018

Thessaloniki 2018

YES! For Solving Unemployment in Greece!

Thessaloniki YES Gathering & Workshop 30.04.2018- 04-05.2018

The Greek Chapter of YES is aimed at entrepreneurial mindset awakening and discovering ideas for self-employment from the Greek Youth. The days of the workshop will be fully devoted to the Youth and their ideas development.

Location: Ypsilon: Edessis 5, 54622 Thessaloniki, Greece,

Costs: approx. 150.– € for 5 days with lunch, coffee and water, without accommodation or travel costs

We cannot wait to be part of the process of self-empowerment in Thessaloniki! Soon more information about the event! Stay tuned!

If you have any questions we are here to help! Please do not hesitate to contact with us!


Introduction & Awakening Entrepreneurial Potential of participants

Co-creating and co-designing ideas within the scope of the participants

Co-developing ideas through Lean Start-Up Process

Final Presentations & Chance Giving Event & Celebration

Networking & Future Cooperation & Next Steps


Giorgio Papalambrou
Co-founder of YES & creative education lecturer & auditor & advisor & coach

Chaima Chaouachi
Co-founder of YES, mentor & entrepreneur & marketing specialist

Harshit Walia
Co-founder of YES, founder of Walias Creations, producer & photographer

Fabio Hüther
Co-founder of YES & founder and CEO of Umuntu GmbH

Monika Tkacz
Co-founder of YES, researcher & social entrepreneur & lecturer

Sesto Giovanni
Initiator and Co-founder of YES, pilgrim & development consultant & entrepreneur

Mia Baruffol
Coreteam Member,Human, medicine Student

Karmele Gomez
Coreteam Member,Human, negotiation advisor

Join us now!

Fill out the application form and join us in Thessaloniki.

Contact us

Coordinator in Greece: Athinà Vezakiadou
Phone Giorgio Papalambrou: +30 698 9656597

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